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This week on the Leadership Podcast, Bradley interviews Richard Fenton and Andrea Walton. Richard and Andrea are the founders of Courage Crafters, Inc., and the authors of the best-selling book, Go for No! They speak internationally, teaching business, sales, and entrepreneurial audiences how to overcome their fear of rejection and achieve extraordinary sales success by hearing ‘no’ more often.

In this episode, they address mindset issues around failure and receiving a “no.” Richard shared his experience of a closed sale that was more expensive than he was used to.  He felt successful until his supervisor asked him when his client said “no.”  Richard realized that he didn’t ever get a no, and that he had left money on the table due to his mindset.

This moment began Richard’s journey to developing the philosophy of going for no.  He and Andrea train people how to improve sales by overcoming their fear of failure.  When you internalize failure, you will cripple yourself as a salesperson.

Learn how to set “no” goals as you develop your sales skills in this episode!

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