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We’re back with the second half of our special two part interview with Thomas Ntuk, the Sales Simplification Guru. If you have a difficult time explaining concepts and sales strategies to your team, give this week and last week’s episodes a listen.

Thomas Ntuk has been involved in the financial service industry for more than 43 years, including 35 as a State Farm Agent. Award winning sales Legend. He has consulted, trained, and “Secret shop” for Ritz Carlton, State Farm Insurance, and Palace Resorts in Cancun. He specializes in simplifying sales processes to generate exponential results. As a motivational speaker, he’s a member of the Global Speakers Network and the US National Speakers Association. He’s a highly sought after multi-industry subject matter speaker and trainer. And we are thrilled to have him on our podcast.

In this two part interview, we talk about:

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