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Unlock Your Club's Potential with Experts in accounting in CFO services Designed for Youth Sports Clubs

Streamline operations, ensure financial stability, and empower your club’s growth while focusing on what truly matters – nurturing young athletes.

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How It Works

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Strategic Financial Planning: We’ll create a tailored financial plan that aligns with your club’s goals and ensures long-term success.

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Accurate Budgeting: Stay on top of your finances with precise budgeting that maximizes your resources and supports your club’s growth.

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Unparalleled Financial Oversight: Our experienced financial professionals will manage the complex aspects of your club’s finances so you can concentrate on coaching and athlete development.

Satisfied Clients

Tim Lacasse

Agent - Washington, DC

"Going into my 8th year in Agency, I was the guy who tried to manage the books myself from day one. Then, I became the guy looking not just for someone to help me manage the books, but a partner that could bring my agency to the next level. Club Capital has been great–they’ve got my books in order, are about to save me a ton in taxes, and have helped me set and track a 5-year agency growth plan. I would absolutely recommend them for all agents."

Tamara T


"Club Capital made me acutely aware and more cognizant. They're giving me imperative knowledge to help me navigate this huge season of change and understand how it will affect my business."

Larry Johnson

Agent - Castlewood, VA

"Wow! They make agency so much easier! Especially when you're in your TICA year! I couldn't begin to tell ho much time they have saved me. 5 stars!!"

Using Club Capital is the best decision I've made!"Their other services such as payroll, accounting, time tracking, etc., are just so easy to use. Frankly I'd probably pay more than I do for the service if someone else was doing the same thing and got to me first.
I give them 5 stars."


Our Accounting and CFO services cater to a wide range of youth sports clubs, including soccer, basketball, baseball, swimming, gymnastics, and more. Whether you’re a small club or a large organization, our tailored services will provide the financial support and guidance needed to help your club thrive.

We understand the specific financial challenges faced by youth sports clubs, such as seasonal fluctuations, fundraising, and facility management. Our team of financial experts is well-versed in these areas and will provide tailored solutions to optimize your club’s financial performance and stability.

During the initial consultation, we’ll discuss your club’s current financial situation, goals, and challenges. This helps us gain a deeper understanding of your club’s unique needs and allows us to develop a customized financial strategy to support its growth.

Absolutely! Our CFO services include accurate budgeting and forecasting to help you manage your club’s finances effectively, plan for growth, and allocate resources strategically.

Yes, effective cash flow management is a key component of our CFO services. We’ll help you monitor and optimize your club’s cash flow to support its financial stability and growth.

Our financial experts will provide valuable insights, analytics, and recommendations to help you make informed financial decisions that support your club’s goals and growth.

To get started, simply book a free consultation with us through our website. We’ll discuss your club’s needs and how our services can help your club reach its full potential.

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