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Plan smarter. Achieve your goals with
Club Capital CFO tools.

Because failing to plan is planning to fail.

Monthly Accounting
Starting at $299/month
•   Monthly transactional bookkeeping
•   Monthly reporting with industry-
specific General Ledger
•   Industry-specific KPI dashboard
with individual targets &
financial benchmarks
•   Peer comparison charts & ranking
•   Dedicated Account Manager with guaranteed quarterly meetings 24-
hour email response time
•   Online portal for task management
& secure document sharing
Budgeting &
Financial Modeling
•   Build financial models to reflect expectations in revenue & expense business drivers
•   Create scenarios to better forecast profit & cash flow
•   Implement forecasts as Agency budget to compare actuals vs. forecast
•   Customized Monthly Financial Reports for forecasting & burn rate
•   2-hour initial setup consultation call
•   1 hour quarterly call with Club Capital finance specialist to discuss variance analysis, forecasting results, & adjust financial models as necessary
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Create forward-looking financials

  • Line-by-line forecasting for revenue and expense accounts
  • Link your forecast to your budget to see how your agency performs against projections
  • Get ahead of your financials and plan for initiatives so you can make better decisions
  • Understand the financial impact of your plans
  • Model if/then business events

Analyze Business Events

  • Model each of your initiatives
  • Identify revenue and expense drivers
  • Understand bottom-line impacts to your financial decisions

Examples Include:

  • Hiring new team members
  • Investing in new marketing initiatives
  • Purchasing a new asset (building, vehicle, etc.)
  • Taking out a loan (plan for principal and interest payments)

Build Custom Scenarios

  • Plan for every possibility
  • Quickly adjust the main forecast to visualize financial impacts to guide your decisions and create best case and worst case scenarios


  • Scenario 1 = Microforecast 1 & Microforecast 2
  • Scenario 2 = Microforecast 3 & Microforecast 4

Enhanced Monthly Reports

  • Regularly compare actual data to forecasts
  • See how the agency is performing according to plans and scenarios
  • Review the assumptions for the forecast on each report
  • Closely track your agency’s performance and adjust your forecast
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