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Club Capital CFO Tools. Harness your data. Elevate your business.

Take control of your financials and
plan a better future for your agency.

Predict The Future

Create forward-looking financials

  • Line-by-line forecasting for revenue and expense accounts
  • Link your forecast to your budget to see how your agency performs against projections
  • Get ahead of your financials and plan for initiatives so you can make better decisions
  • Understand the financial impact of your plans
  • Model if/then business events

Analyze The Past

Powerful Insights with Variance Analysis

  • Compare Data to Forecasts
  • See how the agency is performing according to plans and scenarios
  • Review the assumptions for the forecast on each report
  • Closely track your agency’s performance and adjust your forecast
  • Plan and quickly adjust the main forecast to visualize financial impacts to guide your decisions and create best-case as well as worst-case scenarios

Make Informed Decisions

Enhanced Monthly Reports

  • Model each of your initiatives
  • Identify revenue and expense drivers
  • Understand the bottom-line impacts of your financial decisions 
  • Examples Include: 


▪️Hiring new team members 

▪️ Investing in new marketing initiatives 

▪️ Purchasing a new asset (building, vehicle, etc.) 

▪️ Taking out a loan (plan for principal and interest payments)

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Your back office operating system

Monthly Accounting

Take away the guesswork and empower your agency with monthly financial reports and quarterly meetings designed with your dedicated account manager to help your agency achieve your goals.

Industry-Specific Tax Services

Club Capital exclusively works with insurance agents. Our team will help you create strategies to lower your tax liability while keeping you compliant with federal, state and local tax codes.