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Exclusive tools for a better managed business

Running an efficient and profitable business requires purpose-built platforms and ongoing professional development

Here are some of the exclusive partnerships we’ve sourced for Club Capital members:

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Above the Business

Podcast & Business Coaching

A Podcast and Virtual Business Coaching solution brought to you by Club Capital and BlueprintOS.

Above The Business will empower you to rise above the daily grind and embrace a higher way of business ownership.  Our Podcast Host and lead coach,Bradley Hamner, is the founder of BlueprintOS and is a certified Business Growth Coach and Value Builder consultant.  Bradley empowers entrepreneurs to become architects of their own success. 

Want to listen to our Podcast?  Search "Above the Business" on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your Podcasts.

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HR and Tax Services

ADP provides businesses with an industry-leading online payroll HR solutions, plus tax, compliance, benefit administration and more.

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Agency Resource Solutions

Staff Outsourcing - Beginning of Day

The original remote service company, Agency Resource Solutions (ARS) has revolutionized the way thousands of agencies handle their service work. ARS creates the foundation for your service team with a cost effective and highly efficient process.

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Resources & Coaching for Business Owners

BlueprintOS helps small business owners grow their leadership, develop their team, scale their business, and ultimately make a difference.

Are you a small business owner who is trying to grow your business? Well, here is HOW we do it!Simple concepts, frameworks & tools you can implement and install that will change your business forever.

Do you know that you’re the biggest bottleneck in your business and you’re feeling it on a daily basis. Do you have a business where you know you could be putting a “small dent in the universe” if you just had the help you needed? Our Blueprint Program helps business owners implement our strategies to do just that.
Let us help you understand where your business is right now (Point A) and get clear on your vision for the future (Point B).
With our proven systems you will get more out of the people that are working with you right now.

You will be able to support your team, help them support you, and grow your business. Club Capital clients get $2k off enrollment into Blueprint when they book a 10 minute business game plan call using this link:

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Energia Consulting Partners

Consulting - Buying/Selling Your Agency

Tailored Consulting Services For Allstate & Farmers Agents. We specialize in all aspects of the sale of an insurance agency with emphasis on Allstate & Farmers Insurance Company distribution model. Our consultants have over 150 years of experience in the industry and have bought/sold 300+ Million with a proven track record of success!

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Leads to insurance agents

EverQuote is a leading provider of premium leads to insurance agents.

EverQuote allows you to connect with local insurance prospects. Tap into America’s largest online insurance marketplace. Prepare an accurate quote within seconds of the prospect submitting a request. Whether auto, home and life, EverQuote has your insurance leads and calls to help your agency achieve their results. Sign-up for EverQuote and deposit $500 into your account and receive an additional $500 deposit match credited to your EverQuote Pro account. Promo Code: ClubCapital

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FrontRunner is fresh new way of managing, tracking, and analyzing your insurance agency’s productiveness, efficiency, bonus’ and more

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Payroll, Benefits & HR

Gusto is a People Platform and helps small businesses onboard, pay, insure, and support its hardworking team.

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Staff Outsourcing

From the same incredible team who brought you Agency Resource Solutions comes our exciting new service, Sidekicks. Our team brings the same great service and attention from over a decade in business into this new venture. Sidekicks completes your remote service package with a dedicated Service Sidekick and their exclusive Executive Sidekick.

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Marketing - Leads

QuoteWizard is a top-of-the-line insurance lead provider, connecting you to high-intent insurance shoppers.

Our search leads have been proven to convert at 5x the rate of standard industry leads and are currently helping thousands of agents achieve their yearly goals. We offer auto, home, health, medicare supplement, and renters leads, along with Live Transfer calls to select carriers.

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Recruiting - Team

We find our clients the best candidates with searches built from scratch.

#twiceasnice Recruiting is a direct placement recruiting firm specializing in custom-built searches. With a 9.9% placement fee and an 18-month guarantee, #twiceasnice Recruiting provides businesses with unmatched value. Club Capital members can take advantage of special pricing on executive searches. 

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Your back office
operating system

CFO Services

Should you hire an employee? Should you buy your office building? Should you rent it? As insurance agency owners, these are questions you ask yourself every day, and our CFO Services will help you determine how these decisions will impact your bottom line.

Industry-Specific Tax Services

Club Capital exclusively works with insurance agents. Our team will help you create strategies to lower your tax liability while keeping you compliant with federal, state and local tax codes.

Monthly Accounting​

Take away the guesswork and empower your agency with monthly financial reports and quarterly meetings designed with your dedicated account manager to help your agency achieve your goals.

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