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Monica Meza

Denver, CO

Club Capital is outstanding and a great resource and having Angela Tole assigned to me has been priceless.

Aaron Furlong

Agent. San Antonio, TX

I would be lost in this world if it weren't for Peter Widmayer. He helps my keep my vision clear in regards to financing my business and personal life. Thank you Peter.

BB Watkins

Agent. Lawrenceville, GA

I have worked with Club Capital since I opened my own business 1 year ago. I feel well taken care of whenever I meet with my Account Manager Peter! He has been an asset to the growth of my business.

Joel Markworth

Agent. Centennial, CO

I would highly recommend this company! They've gone above and beyond to help with my accounting, bookkeeping, and taxes. Plus, many other added benefits, but not having to worry about those has opened up my time to focus more on the growth of my business.

Jenny Renner-Alatorre

Independence, OR

Club Capital has been an awesome experience from the start! My Account Manager Jasmine is not only knowledgeable, but kind and professional. It has been a pleasure to work with her!

Miles Finch

Overland Park, KS

Club Capital has been a great experience for me and my Agency. I have worked with them for over 3 years and they always go above an beyond! My account manager, Jazmine, is the best out there!!

Tyler McClung

Agent. Edgewood, WA

I had been thinking about moving to Club Capital for a while and finally made the change at the beginning of 2023.

What put me over the edge was understanding what their CFO services were and how I could be in better control of my business. You watch Shark Tank or CNBC’s The Profit and you realize how much the best business people “know their numbers.” I did not.

I had multiple great conversations with Devin who took time with me and walked me through the process. He was so informative and I never felt pressure. Once I was ready to go he helped transition me to the onboarding team.

I switched from a Sole Prop to an S Corp and changed payroll platforms all to start out 2023. It was a lot but Club Capital walked me through it like they said they would.

Fast forward to June of 2023. I have had 3 calls with Ronit Patel, my CFO, and I have never felt more financially in control of my business than I do now. For the first time I have clear targets of what I am aiming to achieve and have a better grasp of cash flow and future projections that will help grow my agency into the future.

This change, particularly the CFO services has been huge for me operating as an owner with eyes toward the future.

Drew Clausen

Spokane Valley, WA

I've really enjoyed working with Club Capital. As a new agent they've helped take a ton off my plate and are always very on the ball with communication. Devin helped onboard me, and I've worked directly with Jazmine, Ana, Rob, and Paul, and briefly with Chris and Micah. Everyone has been great. Highly recommend!

Cristina Mills

Agent. Jupiter, FL

Club capital has been wonderful to work with, started using them from 2020. I feel well taken care of in our quarterly meetings with my account manager Lee Walker. Our CFO meetings have helped me make better decisions for budgeting and taking care of my agency

Brian Jarrett

Agent. Watkinsville, GA

Club Capital has been a great addition to my agency and helping me with my decisions in my business. They truly care about the success and financial well being of me and my Agency, Thank you Micah and Jazmine for caring!

Luis Barajas

Agent. Omaha, NE

Paul Kapalata and his team from Club Capital Tax is great to work with! Always helpful answering questions and explaining in detail so that I can understand. Great at what he knows best, taxes!

Mike Ingham

Agent. Augusta, GA

I've used Club Capital ever since I opened my business in June of 2019. They have been indispensable for my business - helping me with my personal, corporate, and rental property LLC taxes. I also use their CFO services to forecast future financial decisions for growing the business. The thing I love the best is the monthly bookkeeping they do for me. I would be so busy doing this myself and never be able to grow the business without them. Hands down one of the best business decisions I've made!

Al Prieto

Agent. New Orleans, LA

Club Capital has been an absolute pleasure to work with for the last 4 years. Lee, my account manager, takes good care of me and I thoroughly enjoy our quarterly calls. I highly recommend working with Club Capital.

Richard Moore

Agent. Apopka, FL

Club Capital has been an absolute pleasure to work with since 1.5 years ago. I feel well taken care of in our (quarterly) meetings with my Account Manager Lee Walker! My accounting experience has been improved immensely. Our CFO meetings have helped me make better decisions such as budgeting and getting a clearer picture of what will drive profitability.

Sydney Poudel

Agent. Kennewick, WA

Club capital has been one of the best decisions I've made for myself and my business! Accounting and book-keeping is not my forte, but my account manager, Angela, along with Club Capital have made it a seamless and painless process. I can rest assured that all my accounting needs are being met by them and their teams! I highly recommend.

Elsie Encarnacion

Agent. West Haven, CT

I started with Club Capital this year, and so far so good. The team is very nice and professional. They are very patient with me, because I really need their patience. 🙂 Thelma is great, very nice and polite, very professional. She has been showing me areas of my business where I need to keep an eye out for. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs accounting services.

Joy Morse

Agent. Lakeland, FL

I'm very happy to have signed up for Club Capital. Their integrations with banks and payroll providers have made my accounting a lot easier and their platform is state-of-the art. Furthermore, my contact Boy Hijnen has been awesome. He has helped me navigate some challenges quickly and to full satisfaction. I highly recommend working with him and Club Capital

Jay Scott

Agent. Albany, CA

I'm constantly pleased and surprised by the work Club Capital has done for my agency. I switched from a firm that didn't deal exclusively with insurance agents, and saved over 40% on my accounting costs. I also got the kind of one-on-one access I always desired, but never got, from my prior firm: fast responses to small and simple questions as well as detailed, expert responses to more complex questions. This year alone, my tax bill was 30% lower than expected as a result of their great work! I can't recommend the team (Paul and Angela) enough.

Bob Ward

Agent. Scottsburg, IN

Greatness within a company is top down. Club has fantastic top leadership!

Dexter Smith

Agent. Sheboygan Falls, WI

Chris, Lee, and Devin have been a huge help these last couple years with helping me grow my business. They have taken most the financial headaches that come with running a business off my plate which has helped me focus on taking care of my customers. Thank you!

Roxana Gonzalez

Agent. Covington, GA

Club Capital has made it so easy for me to do payroll, accounting, and taxes all in one. I definitely recommend to all business owners looking to spend less time with these matters and focus on the management and growth of the business!

JR Isham

Agent. Chattanooga, TN

Club Capital has been a game changer for my business allowing me to see the financials simply & clearly, yet as comprehensively as I desire. Micah and his team have and continue to roll out the red carpet in their customer service working to help me understand not just the data, but how and why the data is important to my specific context and season in the life of my business. The solutions they provide are the tools that all Agents are missing and desperately need to run a healthy and profitable business. I couldn't be happier with Club Captial and I look forward to seeing what the future has in store as I know they are continually looking to the benefits they provide Agents to the next level!

Jesse Thomas

Agent. Kyle, TX

The team at club capital has been great. As a new agent, they are your best bet so in order to maximize your time. Check out the podcast too cause it is filled with a wealth of info.

Ada Vaccaro


Lee and the Club Capital team are fantastic. Highly recommend!

Adam Kase

Agent. Phoenix, AZ

I have been working with CC for years now and have never had a complaint. They have always been there when needed and have went above and beyond to deliver tremendous value.

Mike Laskin

Agent. Naples, FL

I’ve been working with Club capital just shy of 18 months now and have nothing but good things to say about them. I use them for tax and CFO services – both of which I recommend. If you want the most out of them, sign up for CFO

Chris Jones

Agent. Bothell, WA

I have always had a great experience with Club Capital. Whenever I need to speak with a representative I can fill out a quick link and schedule a quick and easy appointment.

The technology is streamlined and syncs well together.

Tiffany Andrews

Agent. Lansing, KS

This review is specifically for my account manager Jazmine Robinson. She has been over my account since I switched over several years ago and I am beyond pleased with her performance. She is personable and knowledgeable about my account and truly makes sure I understand everything.

Isaac Stuiso

Agent. Dunedin, FL

Club Capital is a wonderful resource that helps me forecast for my agency and stay on top of my financials. Always there when I need their help and my financials are sent to me monthly like clockwork. Highly recommend checking them out!

John Edgar

Agent. Chino Hills, CA

I have used Club Capital for 2 years and started using the CFO services this year. Using Club Capital has been well worth the investment. The staff is knowledgably and the tools are great. Using their tools I am able to see the impact certain changes have on my business prior to implementation.

Frank Nance

Agent. La Porte, TX

Boy Hijnen has been my rep there and has done a great job keeping me informed and updated on my financial reports and tax planning.

Zaid Jian

Agent. Euless, TX

They are really what you’re looking for, in an accounting service. Brian K. has been great and easy to work with.

Tom Troyano

Agent. Washington, DC

This service has helped me structure an onboarding process in an extremely professional manner. By implementing these strategies I am able to shorten the timeframe to bring new team members up to speed and get better results quicker!

Tim Lacasse

Agent. Washington, DC

Going into my 8th year in Agency, I was the guy who tried to manage the books myself from day one. Then, I became the guy looking not just for someone to help me manage the books, but a partner that could bring my agency to the next level. Club Capital has been great–they’ve got my books in order, are about to save me a ton in taxes, and have helped me set and track a 5-year agency growth plan. I would absolutely recommend them for all agents.

John Wagner

Agent. Greensboro, NC

I am a TICA agent just opened September 1st, and signed up for one month. Club Capital is well worth the money, and they take care of everything for me.

Landey Patton

Agent. Leesburg, VA

I've used Club Capital since day one. Probably the biggest value add I see is the reporting; they have all this data from agencies in different stages so you can compare your spending to others at the same stage. I'm sure they will leverage this to create some insane tools to maximize your ROI in all aspects of your business.
Their other services such as payroll, accounting, time tracking, etc., are just so easy to use. Frankly I'd probably pay more than I do for the service if someone else was doing the same thing and got to me first.
I give them 5 stars.

Jill Verboort

Agent. Forest Grove, OR

I use Club Capital and they are very understanding of our contracts, super responsive, and made on-boarding a breeze. My employees love their payroll system. When I hire someone new, they send a welcome email and gather all necessary payroll, tax, and direct deposit info for me. They make life easier, and that is worth a lot more than their monthly cost to me!"
Their other services such as payroll, accounting, time tracking, etc., are just so easy to use.

Chris Niewierowski

Agent. Charleston, WV

It only takes a little more to go first class, and Club Capital is first class. You can’t look at shear black and white cost with them; they are your business partner and a partner that provides smart people with great advice.

Using Club Capital is the best decision I've made!"Their other services such as payroll, accounting, time tracking, etc., are just so easy to use.

Larry Johnson

Agent. Castlewood, VA

Wow! They make agency so much easier! Especially when you're in your TICA year! I couldn't begin to tell ho much time they have saved me. 5 stars!!"

Using Club Capital is the best decision I've made!"Their other services such as payroll, accounting, time tracking, etc., are just so easy to use.

Jennifer M

Agent. Oregon

I love Club Capital! One of the best decisions I made from day one. Opening my own insurance agency was a complete career change for me. I wanted to be able to focus my time on the business, my team and customers so I joined Club Capital to manage my finances. Not having to worry about calculating my taxes, bookkeeping, P&L, etc. has allowed me to do just that. They provide bi-monthly financial review meetings and are on top of all new tax advantages that come down. Their staff is knowledgeable, responsive and friendly. Their other services such as payroll, accounting, time tracking, etc., are just so easy to use.

Tamara T


Club Capital made me acutely aware and more cognizant. They're giving me imperative knowledge to help me navigate this huge season of change and understand how it will affect my business.

Your back office operating system

CFO Services

Should you hire an employee? Should you buy your office building? Should you rent it? As insurance agency owners, these are questions you ask yourself every day, and our CFO Services will help you determine how these decisions will impact your bottom line.

Industry-Specific Tax Services

Club Capital exclusively works with insurance agents. Our team will help you create strategies to lower your tax liability while keeping you compliant with federal, state and local tax codes.


Monthly Accounting

Take away the guesswork and empower your agency with monthly financial reports and quarterly meetings designed with your dedicated account manager to help your agency achieve your goals.