Episode 91: Expert Agents Scott Foster and Steve Cannon on Sales

Today on the leadership podcast, Bradley sits down with Scott Foster and Steve Cannon.  These expert insurance agents are sharing advice on how to sell.  A native of Georgia, Scott graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Georgia with a degree in Risk Management & Insurance.  Along with his CLU designation, Scott is a life and qualifying [...]

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Episode 90: Troy Korsgaden on Inflection Point

Does your existing business model work?  Today on the podcast, Bradley and Troy sit down to discuss some of the topics covered in his latest book, Inflection Point (find it at www.korsgaden.com/resources).  These include how to redefine your role when the existing model doesn’t work, how to build a team that can grow with the [...]

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Episode 89: Disrupting The Market with Mike Smerklo

Mike Smerklo is an experienced entrepreneur, investor and business leader driven by the desire to turn ideas into reality. Having bought and scaled a small business into a publicly traded company worth nearly a billion dollars in value, he has a deep understanding of the hard work, dedication and grit that truly powers successful entrepreneurship. [...]

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Episode 88: PLAN Your Personal Brand with AJ Vaden

Today on the Leadership Podcast, Bradley sits down with AJ Vaden to discuss building your online and offline brand.  Over the last 15 years, AJ has helped create, launch and grow several multi-million dollar businesses from start up to 7 and 8 figures in annual revenue. She has played the role of Salesperson to CSO, [...]

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Episode 87: The Best of 2021

Today on the podcast, Bradley is sharing the best of the best from 2021! You'll hear highlights from...Episode 42: Mark Blackburn:Mark was the recipient of the 2020 PGA Teacher and Coach of the Year. In that episode, we talked about: The importance of having a growth mindset , how humble beginnings are drivers for achievement, every player [...]

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Internet Leads Strategy with Jeff Hogue

Today on the podcast, Bradley sat down with Jeff Hogue.  He talks about the best practices surrounding your content.  He also gives some great tips on strategizing your internet leads. He shares where internet leads fit into your sales ecosystem, actual best practices for handling leads to get best conversion, and what your conversion rates should [...]

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Episode 85: Martin Holland on The Profit Problem

If increasing your margins 1 percent would increase your profit 15 percent, would you do it?Today on the Leadership Podcast, Bradley and Martin Holland discuss The Four Must-Haves In Business.  This includes… (1) Guiding - leadership, (2) Getting - the business/customers ie sales/marketing, (3) Doing - where most people are strong aka rainmaker’s dilemma, and [...]

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Episode 84: Scaling Your Speaking Business with Jane Atkinson

Are you getting the results you want in business or in life?Today on the leadership podcast, Jane Atkinson joins us to discuss how to get the results you want, the connection between thoughts and actions, and how to pursue speaking as another stream of income.The first principle Jane discussed with Bradley was CTFAR.  This acronym [...]

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Episode 83: The 4 Disciplines of Execution with Jim Huling

How is your strategy serving you?In today’s podcast episode, Jim Huling and Bradley discuss execution of strategy.  You’ll The 4 Disciplines of Execution, why strategy doesn’t work on its own, and how to turn strategy into action.  Jim’s 4 Disciplines of Execution include…Focus - the “what”Act on the lead measure - the “how”Engagement - the “why”Accountability [...]

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Episode 82: From Paycheck To Purpose by Ken Coleman

Do you work just to live or do you feel connected to your purse as you work?Ken Coleman is the nationally syndicated host of The Ken Coleman Show & author of From Paycheck to Purpose.  He wants people to feel a real connection to what they were created to do because someone out there needs [...]

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