Episode 74: Mike Michalowicz On Why Different Is Better

Many business owners are frustrated because they feel invisible in a crowded marketplace. They know they are better than their competitors, but when they focus on that fact, they get little in return. That's because, to customers, better is not actually better. Different is better. And those who market differently, win.Mike and Bradley discuss the [...]

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Episode 73: Scaling Up with Bill Gallagher

Bill Gallagher and Bradley discuss the 4 Step Leadership Flywell, Rockefeller Habits 2.0, and his highly successful coaching methods.  His framework has allowed businesses in all stages, from startup to $5M business, scale up.The Leadership Flywell includes…1: Inspiration - getting people motivated to change. 2: Engage - connecting with people on a deeper level. 3: [...]

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Episode 72: Becoming A Brand Champion with Josh Fuller

Josh Fuller talks about growing your business through best practices borrowed from multiple sources.  He has had the opportunity to work in multiple spheres as an entrepreneur throughout his career, and has gained a lot of great experiences and insights along the way.  He specifically has been able to successfully jump on opportunities as they [...]

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Episode 71: Greg Gaines The Team Sales Coach

Greg and Bradly discuss Greg's work history as an insurance agent, financial advisor, and now owning a coaching and consulting business. Key to Greg's success are his strategies for managing his thoughts. He call these Mind Tracks, and they include...What you say to yourself on a daily basisChanging what you tell yourselfBelieving what you're sayingTo [...]

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Episode 70: Walter McCone With CareerPlug Shares How To Recruit Better Talent

Ready to have a hiring process that works?Walter McCone from CareerPlug (https://www.careerplug.com) sits down with Bradley to discuss recruitment.  You’ll hear more about…Best practices in recruiting, including how to write a job description that converts, what terms to avoid, and reaching the right audience with your job listing.Hiring trends in insurance agencies.  They discuss the [...]

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Episode 69: David Peterson On Leveling Up Your Agency

Bradley sits down with State Farm Agent David Peterson and discusses what led to his success that has continued into being on track for 600 life insurance policies in 2021.Hear David break down intentionally developing your team including...His system of implementation for developmentWhy he prefers specialization for each area of insurance salesBelieves in “running of [...]

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Episode 68: Disrupting The Banking Industry with Yoseph West, Founder Of Relay Bank

Yoseph West is the Co-Founder & CEO of Relay Financial, a business banking platform that gives SMBs better visibility into their financials and simplifies collaboration between small business owners and their advisors — accountants and bookkeepers.In today’s podcast, he shares specifics on the problems solved by Relay Bank.  He and Bradley discuss how Relay Bank [...]

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Episode 67: Complacency Kills with Alex Shattuck

Complacency is sneaky.  Former Marine Alex Shattuck shares how the principles he learned during his time in service helped him find success in business.  He shares from his book, “Complacency Kills,” how the three main areas of business impacted by complacency are people, marketing, and structure. Alex and Bradley also discuss the role complacency plays in [...]

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Episode 66: Dr. Julie Bell – The Mind Of A Champion

Have you ever wondered how a champion athlete would approach running your business?Today on The Club Capital Leadership Podcast, Dr. Julie Bell shares secrets that athletes use for success.  Her six key points are the sports approach to business.Julie covers…Where is your confidence coming from?  Place it in the process not in the outcome.The difference [...]

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Episode 65: Money Mentor Group on Taking Control Of Your Finances

Taking control of your finances starts here!  Alissa Locke, consultant with Money Mentor Group, shares how you can do just that...-Deal with your relationship with your money. Money mindset and behavior. Like a personal trainer but for your finances.-“Budgeting’ isn’t about being restricted or deprived…. It’s about control and power.-Spend on things you value and [...]

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