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In this week’s podcast episode, Bradley sits down with Erik Weir to discuss limiting beliefs around money, setting goals, fear of failure, and how to be steadfast in your vision while flexible in your mission.  He has worked directly with families on the Forbes 500 list as well as global brands, and he shared a lot of great advice with our listeners today.

One of the number one things Erik shared was to not only have a vision, but to “put it out there.”  He emphasized that the universe (or whatever you believe in) conspires to bring into reality whatever you’re putting out there.

He also shared that if you have limiting beliefs, they may keep you from thinking your vision is even possible.  If you don’t believe it can happen, it never will.

Erik and Bradley also talked about the importance of getting a fresh perspective.  Familiarity can be blinding, so it’s important to bring someone new into your area from time to time.

Finally, if you’re trying to build wealth, it’s important to be oriented to the long term.  Erik has noticed a pattern around those without wealth focusing on the short term, and it hinders their ability to grow their wealth.

If you’re ready to figure out “Who’s Eating Your Pie?” and make sure you’re keeping more of it, listen to this episode!

More information about Erik and his book “Who’s Eating Your Pie?” is available at

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