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Wondering what it really takes to be successful?  On today’s podcast, Bradley chats with insurance agency owner, consultant, and author of “The Discipline of Success,” Tyler Bullington.  

Tyler has been a State Farm Agent since 2012 in Huntington, WV. Since then, he has been an Exotic Traveler 8 out of the 10 years.  He has also been in Chairman’s Circle every year, MDRT 5X, and a multiple Presidents Club Life Qualifier.

In this episode, Tyler shared that his success has come from learning to love discipline.  He explained that the book Discipline Equals Freedom influenced him to embrace the process of violent action and simply enduring the process. He also shared the value of being a lifelong learning and personal development.  

Tyler takes an unusual approach to strengthening his team: They simply have lunch together almost every day.  His team has low turnover, so many of them have had lunch together every day for the last 8-10 years.

He also shared his thoughts around delegation, whether you should lean more into your strengths, investment vs. spending, and more.

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