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This week on the Leadership Podcast, David “Coach P” Peterson joins Bradley to discuss team development.  From recruiting to hiring to connecting the right people with the right team, you’ll learn some of Coach P’s best practices.

You can look forward to learning how to develop a recruiting pipeline and process.  David shares specific steps you can take, and he stresses the importance of recruiting regularly.

Other advice included utilizing references and prompting the potential hire to speak more during an interview.  He also encouraged business owners to build out a process and then decide which steps they can step away from.

As a father of four, and an owner of multiple businesses, David is a big fan of systems and processes.  He believes we should have a plan for every scenario and constantly drive results through our team.

After years of trial and error, David shares that he has realized the significance of team development.  Due to this, he created a program to drive consistent, high-level coaching to agencies across the country.

Learn more about David’s program when you visit

If you’re ready to learn how to prioritize your team and become a destination employer, listen to this episode!

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