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Ron Holt is a chemist turned entrepreneur whose first business, Two Maids & A Mop was built into a 100 franchise network and then sold to finance his next venture. He shares keys to his success in building and exiting a valuable business, plus his process in doing it all over again in a new industry.

Ron is the Founder of Pink Zebra Moving. His company aims to disrupt the local moving industry by providing a better, more positive customer experience. From surprise meals prior to move day to fun antics at unexpected times, Pink Zebra Moving wants to make moving fun for its customers. The company currently serves 10 markets and plans to open between 10-15 new locations per year over the next several years. 

In his 20s, Ron saved $150k to start his cleaning business.  It took him two years to turn a profit and nearly three years to earn a paycheck. He finally made a few bucks, and then reinvested the profits back into the business by opening additional corporate locations. Then, he built the network into 12 company-owned locations before pivoting to the franchise model.  This decision led to hockey stick growth and eventually the network grew to 100 franchises. He then sold the business to focus on his next venture: Pink Zebra Moving. He was excited about the moving industry and currently serves 10 locations.  Following his innovative approach to customer experience, he expects rapid growth in this venture.

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