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What would a 43% lift look like for your agency? And, what if there was a “Magic Formula” with simple steps that you and your team could implement immediately to achieve greater productivity?

Jerome Carlile is one of the Co-Founders of Mivation, a company that creates softwares such as Racing Snail and Leaderboard Legends that are designed to combat competition fatigue and drive productivity. Mivation’s products aim to “create a culture of performance with a solution that motivates, gamifies and rewards”.

According to Jerome, one of the most important elements when creating a great compensation and incentive plan is to keep it simple. He tells us why the less moving parts there are, the better the plan will be for both the agent and the manager. Furthermore, Jerome spills how to achieve a total of 43% increase of production if you do these 4 things with your compensation and incentive plan. Listen to the episode to find out! 

After 16 years in business, Mivation has produced a new and improved Racing Snail compensation plan. Its newer, simpler, more user friendly UI was born from the trenches and took 4 years of development. Check out Racing Snail today!

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