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How are you solving problems with the members on your team?

Whether you’re a leader or a team member, the willingness to address a problem and solve it together is key.  On our show this week, we’re discussing how to develop your team members with Future Legacy partners Krista Hawkins and Wendy Smith.

Krista Hawkins and Wendy Smith have coached thousands of insurance agents. Wendy’s calling is to minister to the hearts and minds of people. As a co-founder of Future Legacies, LLC, Wendy supports those who hope for something better and helps them to achieve it. Krista Hawkins has invested her career in helping others to create new beginnings.  She has found the keys to success are knowledge and education, a commitment with emotional connection, and preparation followed by action. Taking small steps can be the best way to create lasting change and new beginnings. These new beginnings become the foundation for building Future Legacies for ourselves and others.

These leaders share some of their time-tested concepts and proven strategies to help you lead yourself, empower others, create results, and leave a strong, lasting legacy.

They’re sharing how to:

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