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Gary “The Hire Guy” Inzana specializes in insurance recruiting, and has helped many top insurance agents and new agents across the country with their biggest obstacle: staffing their agency.  On this episode you’ll learn…

  1. Why recruiting is difficult.
  2. Why retaining is as important as retaining great talent.
  3. Recruiting for sales vs. customer service.
  4. When he felt was a good place in the interview process to utilize assessments.
  5. How to make your job listing stand out.
  6. Advantages of implementing a group interview.
  7. His favorite interview question: “Why are you here?”
  8. The most misunderstood part of recruiting.

Gary’s company interviews over 20,000 candidates per year, helping place insurance sales & service producers that drive real results for over 400 agents to date. He started Top Tier Recruiting and Consulting LLC in his basement, interviewing 15,000 different people alone in the first 10 months, until he enlisted help. 


With support from his family, long, hard & passion, Gary has scaled out to teach others.  He has trained his staff through Zoom and in-person, building a team of recruiters: 3 in-house and one remote.  Gary has learned a great deal about people and sales through interviewing candidates all across the country.  He uses his experience and knowledge to also coach insurance agency owners in best interview practices, follow up techniques, and virtual or recruiting abilities.  Gary and his team love solving the toughest problems facing insurance agencies today.

To learn more about how Gary’s company can help you, call 406-RECRUIT

Visit to learn more about Top Tier Recruiting.

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