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Dean Mannix is a life and personal coach who became passionate about life insurance after losing a few people close to him.  He firmly believes that the epitome of your mess becomes your message.  His latest book, “Protect and Provide” delves deeper into this story, and his passion for serving his clients through insurance sales.

Key to Dean’s philosophy is the power of proven practice as opposed to best practice.  Owners should go with what works in their offices, rather than “best” practices determined by others. 

In today’s podcast, he shares powerful sales and training tips, including:

Dean’s motivation in business has always been to help his customers.  In “Protect and Provide,” he describes heroes in the insurance industry.  He wrote the book for insurance agents who believe in protecting their customers while also educating them.  Dean believes that this book is your guide to personal and financial success in the insurance industry. You can find it on Amazon:

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Listen to unpack these principles, and then begin to implement proven practices in your business!

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