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Are you getting the results you want in business or in life?

Today on the leadership podcast, Jane Atkinson joins us to discuss how to get the results you want, the connection between thoughts and actions, and how to pursue speaking as another stream of income.

The first principle Jane discussed with Bradley was CTFAR.  This acronym stands for Circumstances, Thoughts, Feelings, Actions and Results.  Jane then went on to discuss her “Ready, Aim, Fire!” method for public speaking.  She shares how to prepare your speaking topic for the audience, market yourself, and ask people to book you.

Jane then shared her framework for a good speaking presentation.  She emphasized the importance of having a service-based, servant leadership type mindset.  After all, you have something to offer that serves others through your message.

Jane’s new book “Scaling Your Speaking Business: 10 Strategies for Earning More While Doing Less” is now available!  If your goal for your speaking business is to elevate your income, whether it be from $100K to $250K, or from $250K to a million, you cannot afford to miss out on the real-life advice, stories from Jane’s clients and inner circle, and expert strategies in this book. Visit to learn more.

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