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On this week’s episode, Bradley sits down with Liz Kislik to discuss developing stronger leaders in your business.  If you want to transform the way you do business, Liz —Harvard Business Review and Forbes contributor, management consultant, executive coach—can help whether you’re part of a family-run business, national non-profit, or Fortune 500 company.

They first discussed change initiatives and organizations.  This includes the importance of pre-mortum and after action review.  Liz defines a Pre-Mortum as thinking through what could go wrong, aka “secondhand consequences.”  Once you’ve done this, you can build a safety net around what could go wrong.  Then you can better allocate resources in order to make the changes.

After this, they discussed developing other leaders.  Liz suggested that you stop trying to train your team in your areas of weakness.  We try to delegate things we don’t love or aren’t good at, but you have to hire someone to do this. That means you’re training your new employee in something you’re not good at.  Instead, you’re better off to find someone else, maybe a course or a coach, to develop that person.  This will give them an opportunity to succeed in that role.

Finally, they chatted about aligning your goals, mission, and values.  It’s important to strategically connect the day to day business of your organization to these guiding principles.

Ready to develop stronger leaders?

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