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Today on the podcast, Bradley sat down with Jeff Hogue.  He talks about the best practices surrounding your content.  He also gives some great tips on strategizing your internet leads. 

He shares where internet leads fit into your sales ecosystem, actual best practices for handling leads to get best conversion, and what your conversion rates should be.

You’ll learn the importance of a solid referral system, SEO, and investing in SEM.  You’ll also hear his thoughts around the speed of contacting, utilizing all different avenues (phone, email, text, mail), and continuing to follow up.

Jeff is a sales professional turned manager turned director who has helped thousands of insurance agents boost their marketing efforts and enable sales for themselves and their teams. He has worked closely with agents representing many of the top P&C, Health and Medicare Supplement carriers in the United States and has almost a decade of industry experience.

Ready to put your internet leads strategy to work?  Listen now!

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