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Business Accounting Services - Club Capital

Dedicated Sports Finance Partner

When you join forces with Club Capital, you gain a dedicated finance partner who understands the unique needs of youth sports clubs. Your personal account manager becomes an extension of your team, focused on helping you achieve financial growth, boost revenue, and gain a clear financial perspective tailored to the youth sports arena.

Insightful Monthly Reporting

Stay informed about your sports club's financial health with our comprehensive monthly reports that encompass:

  • Strategic Recommendations
  • Detailed Profit and Loss Statement
  • Visual Revenue Graphs
  • Performance Analysis Against National Averages
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Benchmarking Against Peers

Club Capital sets the standard by comparing your club's financial performance against similar clubs across the nation, taking into account factors such as club age, revenue, location, and structure. This exclusive benchmarking empowers you to make informed decisions in alignment with industry trends, drawing insights from the nation's largest collective knowledge pool.

Unveil Emerging Trends

Harness the power of your financial data to propel your youth sports club's success. Identify revenue trends, whether from membership fees or event revenue. Gauge the performance of new versus recurring engagements and assess the effectiveness of fundraising efforts. Recognize seasonal patterns to implement rewarding strategies for historically slower periods, engaging your team and maximizing results.

Your back office operating system

CFO Services

Should you hire another coach? Should you start a summer program or a winter clinic? Will my Club have enough cash to run until fall season registration? As Club directors/ board members, these are questions you ask yourself every day, and our CFO Services will help you determine how these decisions will impact your Club’s future success.

Industry-Specific Tax Services

Club Capital’s tax services help clubs navigate complex compliance regulations, prepare and file tax returns, and avoid costly penalties. With experience and knowledge in non-profit and for-profit taxes, our team can ensure your organization remains compliant while maximizing your tax benefits.